Me and my sista!

I have been organizing my photos like a crazy woman….here is my collection of “Me and my sista Jodi!”.  What a great, crazy exhausting ride we had eh?



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Day 25 – Home Sweet Home

We got up early on our last morning and headed back to San Fran .  We drove for hours and then flew all day and ate gross airport food in between flights!  My dad was awesome and picked us up at Manchester Airport at midnight…what a trouper!  When we got home we had Cody waiting for us…he was one happy dog!  I helped Cody into bed with Dave and I.  Usually he only stays for a short while and then jumps off….not tonight.  We all fell asleep watching late night Olympics (I was wired).  Good to be home.

Day 24 – Sausalito and Timber Cove!

We left San Fran to head to the Timber Cove Inn.  Dave had seen it online and the ocean views looked amazing.  Before we headed there we went to Sausalito.  It is a quaint picturesque village across the Golden Gate Bridge. . We had a delectable lunch at Le Garage, a French bistro sit-down restaurant on the water at a wharf.  The waiter was comical and charming and the food was delicious…I know love Kobe beef!!  After a lovely lunch we drove by the shopping area of Sausalito but decided to continue on to the inn.  As usual, the drive took longer than expected and naturally, for amazing views like those at the inn you have to drive along the hair-raising coast again.  McCullough and I were again carsick as we arrived at the hotel.  The lobby was lovely and stood majestic and tall with a bar, restaurant and fireplace.  The rooms cracked the girls up….although they were large and pretty, with walls of wood, there was a 1970’s Jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room and the shower was in the room (not in a bathroom) with an open view of the ocean…interesting!  We had to be very creative to modestly take showers here.  We took several walks on the property and the ocean views were beautiful.  Shannon was in technology shock because there was no cell service there!  Then, we dressed up and had a fancy dinner at their restaurant.   After dinner we settled in for our last hotel sleep after watching the Olympics.

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O’Neill’s Last Day…San Francisco tour

Our last full day was filled with typical tourist sights of San Francisco:  Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Sea Lions,Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point.  All beautiful sight!  We later met up with Chris’ Uncle Ronny and enjoyed a nice walk downtown to Bucca di Beppo for a nice Italian dinner!

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Thanks to all of Chris’ travel with Hittite we enjoyed a smooth flight home on United Airlines in First Class – I felt spoiled rotten – and loved every bit of it!  It feels so good to be home in my own bed!  Everyone is looking forward to some home cooking and our own beds!

San Francisco: Exploratorium, Wave Organ & Cheese Cake Factory!

We arrived at the Hotel California after a rather uneventful ride from the Jelly Belly factory.  The hotel is very old and has a lot of old charm and we’re happy to have a family suite – 2 bedrooms and a bathroom – We love having the extra space and 2 tv’s .  But it smells a bit like a nursing home and has no air conditioning.  It was cool out so it really shouldn’t matter but the noise from the city is deafening without the hum of the air conditioner!  The hotel is located in a rather undesirable part of the city – so Chris & Dave went across the street to pick up chinese food for us to eat in our rooms while we watched the Olympics.  We are getting a bit tired of sitting at restaurants!

The Next Morning we went to a children’s museum called the Exploratorium (don’t you just love that name)  I don’t think we would have found this if it weren’t for the advice of Anna & Sandra.  It was such a fun museum! The kids all loved it!

After taking a nice walk through a charming residential area of San Francisco we had a nice lunch at Pluto’s restaurant.  Then we went to a cool place on the ocean with a wave organ.  Pipes that went down along the waters edge that you listen to and hear the musical waves.  The boys like catching crabs the best!  We ended our evening with a nice Cheesecake Factory dinner at the top of Macy’s and girly snuggle time to watch the Olympics.

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Belly Flops

After our fantastic tour go Bell Vineyard we went to Genova Delicatessen-a real Italian Delicatessen,  for a great lunch!  Thanks Anna for the great suggestion.  Then we went to the Jelly Belly factory for a tour.  The tour was great!  Julie and I loaded up with 10 pounds of Belly Flops each –  to stuff into our suitcases!  Off to San Francisco we go!

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